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“We are the recipients of many years of massage and body work. Myra

possesses two of the strongest and most intuitive healing hands we have experienced. Her work clearly demonstrates a sound knowledge of anatomy and how to maximize one’s own self healing through the body work she transmits. She listens to her clients with both her ears and her hands which provides exceptional therapeutic measure to her clients. Pagosa Springs is fortunate to have her and we recommend her without reservation.”

— Johanne and Carl • Taos, NM

“Myra has wonderful “loving hands”, strong enough to address the spasms. I came to her stressed out and tight, and I left relieved and soft. She has a natural intuitive ability to locate what was tight and out of balance, and at times I could feel her fingers energetically extend deep within my sore neck. I highly recommend Myra!.”

— Carolyn Thompson, BS, LMT, CHTP • Austin, TX

“Myra intuitively knows what to do. She knows just how to work her hands, when to be gentle, when to apply more pressure, and how to coax my muscles to release and relax. What I like about Myra’s massage is that she doesn't just rub — she works each muscle with her fingers and thumbs, sometimes her palms, and often her whole hand — and does it in a way that feels as though she is getting around, through and even under the tight muscles of my body. She is always considerate of how I’m feeling before and during the massage and her calm demeanor always helps me to relax. I highly recommend Myra, since she is the best therapist I have ever had!”

— C.B. • Pagosa Springs, CO

“I am totally convinced that Myra is a gift from the universe! At 71 years old, my wellness program revolves around meditation, yoga, and massage. I can’t express my gratitude to Myra enough for recognizing and honoring my body to help me stay on a happy and healthy path. She completes my human “being”.”

— C.M. • Pagosa Springs, CO