Red Hand Masage with Myra

My name is Myra (pronounced Mirra) and I have been a massage therapist in Pagosa Springs, CO for 10 years.   I graduated from The Silversword Academy and Clinic of Massage Therapy and Spa Services in Durango, CO with 1000 hours in 2002.  Since that time, I have been doing massage full time.   I am also a Level 3 certified ski instructor with over 27 years as an active member of PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors Of America).  My decision to move to Pagosa Springs was influenced by the ski area as well as my love of the southwest and the outdoors in general.

I recognize that the world is in a time of great change.  Many people are feeling excessive amounts of stress these days.  It is my intention to bring as much peace and relaxation as possible to those people who choose to come to me for a massage.  I have always felt that an outstanding massage experience is achieved through a combination of several key factors and this is how I approach my own practice.  My attention to detail is simply an extension of what I prefer when I get a massage.   A very peaceful setting, an extra comfortable table, really good (soothing) music, and a nurturing and intuitive touch that is the perfect amount of pressure, whether your preference is light, medium or deep.  I always use high quality, natural and organic oils.  I  let my clients set the tone.  My job is to facilitate a soothing and relaxing experience without interruption,  allowing each person the opportunity to go as deeply into their “zone” as they desire.  I am very respectful of  individual needs, and I encourage my clients to communicate with me in order to get the most from their massage.

I consider my office space to be a watering hole of sorts, for the soul.  I invite you to immerse yourself in pure sensory surroundings and exquisite connectedness.  I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.  It truly is more than a massage, it’s an experience…